Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buck card redo

When I first began selling cards, I lined the inside of dark cards with paper. But I no longer do that; I wasn't satisfied with the look, and it for some reason it was just one of those aspects of cardmaking that really irritated me. As I prepared my first "batch" of cards for "Crafy Crafters," the place in which I am now selling my craft supplies, cards & journals, I went through all my older cards, chopping off the fronts of dark cards, and carefully washing the text off of old labels that had my former e-mail address (I use the clear Avery address labels which wipe clean with a damp cloth - much easier than attempting to peel off labels from the card!) Some cards I rejected altogether. The green panel on this card actually was the card. I cut and trimmed it down, and attached to a bronze-laid card, which blended nicely with the flax-laid panel.

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Monica-FC said...

I love it and I never seen the first but I bet both looks great.