Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Masculine "praying for you" card

Most sympathy-type cards are flowery and feminine, so I wanted to make one more masculine. This one was a breeze to make ... I already had the wood background. I'm not sure where I learned the technique, but it's very easy. Simply slide a brown ink pad down the card a couple of times, then repeat with a white craft pad. Perfect!

Tomorrow we leave for Great Lakes, Ill. to attend our son Stephen's graduation from Corpsman (medic) school. Supposedly, we are taking him home for two weeks, but he just skyped tonight to tell me he still does not have his orders, so he may not be able to go on leave after all. :-( At any rate, we'll be gone a few days, so I won't be posting again 'till Saturday.


Mrs. Guthrie said...

Have a fantastic trip to Ill.!! :) Hopefully he can come home after all.... I guess we'll find out in church! lol.

Monica-FC said...

love the card and how you did backgreound. that is ever so cool. i will have to try this as it would be so neat for a fall card. have a great trip as i just came back from mine.sorry to hear about your son not coming home but maybe you can try and see him still.