Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wallpaper cards!

I hadn't made any wallpaper cards in ages, but when I found this design in a wallpaper sample book I just got from Sherwin Williams, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it! For those of you who have never worked with wallpaper, I encourage you to see if your local wallpaper store will give you their discontinued books. At the end of each month, our local Sherwin Williams allows people to come claim them. I nearly always forget, so often there are no books. But I finally remembered a couple of months ago.

Anyway, I decided to use my cuttlebug for these. Wallpaper is not firm, so I glued it onto cardstock before die-cutting. :-)


Anonymous said...

What glue do you use for the wallpaper?

And, what a great idea...I'll try to remember to get a wallpaper book.


Sarosa said...

Wallpaper also makes fabulous journal covers ... they can be wiped clean and make better corners. :-) (Scroll down a bit and you can see a few I just made... in those, the wallpaper is also the background, but on others, it is just the "covering," and cardstock is on top, concealing all but the edge. You can click on the sidebar for examples)

I used double sided tape (along with glue stick because it's cheaper, but may not be strong enough on its own). I also weight the card under books for a few hours or overnight, especially if I'm low on tape and have mostly glue stick adhesive.

When I do journal covers, however, I use PVA, or sometimes just tacky glue, fully spread with a sponge to cover every bit or it bubbles.

Monica-FC said...

I love the cards and how different each one used the same paper but each card is so different though. love it.