Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A "Sarah Ugly" Card

When I was a child decorating Easter Eggs, I was fascinated by what happened with an egg dipped again and again (drying out in between).  The end result was pretty horrible, in a fascinating, lovely way!  My family dubbed it "The Sally Ugly Egg."  (Sally was my nickname growing up).  This card was made for the "Make it Monday: Nail Polish Marbling" challenge.  And wow, was it ever a challenge!  I don't use nail polish, but occasionally have had reason to purchase some.  All I had were white, light skin tone of some sort, and lavender. But, valiently I forged ahead!  The technique involves filling a shallow basin with water, then adding the nail  polishes, swirling them around, and dipping in the cardstock to gather the color.  Well, of the three polishes, one sank to the bottom, one diffused into the water, and only one (the purple which you cannot discern in the photo) stayed on top.  And as fast as I worked, the nailpolish hardened before I could get it onto the card.  This one panel (cut down from a larger) is all that I could remotely call a successful, and as you see, limited success at that.  Still, I was not about to go to the store and get more nailpolish, so I made this card. Insult to injury: I didn't center the die cut! In frustration, I added the purple dot and put the brad in ... just because!!

So, will it ever be sent to anyone?  Not likely, but that's okay ... It's only temporarily glued together while I make my decision to continue working on it or pitch it, so most of it won't go to waste!!!  I love Papertrey's Joy die, and perhaps the sentiment will distract from judging the poor panel to harshly, lol!  And hopefully someone reading this post will get a good laugh at my, um, artistry! ;-) But really, I think there are others out there who, like me, don't always manage to  pull off a technique that "everyone else" does well, or who just plain get stuck with a card, so I guess you could call this a sympathy card for those who found this challenge did not work for them either!

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Kathryn A said...

I like your panel a lot! I think it would be great on a masculine birthday card, as well.