Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Noel ... again???

I save anything I stamp and decide not to use at the time, or have made duplicates of, into a couple of plastic drawers. Christmas, however, is in a separate folder. Well, in cleaning out my folder from last year, I started to toss a scrap away that I did not like, when I realized I had also stamped on the other side. It was the noel image that I have already used in two different ways, but the holographic embossing looked so sparkly and bright, I decided to make it into a card (it is much crisper than the scan shows it to be). After figuring out the layout, I could not find anything that satisfied to put beneath the noel. I looked at brads, buttons, etc, but nothing worked. I finally decided velveteen bows might do, but I didn't have any, and the thought of making my own seemed too much. I glanced at my punches, and noticed a little bow punch that I have never used (I don't even know where it came from!). I had no clue if it would punch through velveteen, but obviously it could. The bows did not look right, however, until I thought of poking brads through them. They looked odd to me at first, and frankly, not my style. But, as you see, I went ahead and attached them!

Now I really, really am done with my noel stamp! :-)

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