Thursday, November 1, 2007

Workshop: polished stone technique

I am doing a workshop with alcohol inks on Saturday, and tonight I finally got a chance to prepare. Actually, it's more like I finally got a chance to play! It's nearly midnight, and I haven't completed a single card since I started four hours ago ... I'm having way too much fun!

This design took me completely by surprise. I decided to see if the inks worked on black glossy, but it really did not ... until I added gold fixative. Then wow, what a difference! It still seemed a little dark, so I added one more drop of gold directly to the paper. Then I paused, and watched it spread. What a perfect moon! If you can see by the scan, there is an odd "aura" around the moon, but I don't think that hurts it. Sort of like Saturn's ring(s).


Hazel said...

What a beautiful effect. I love using alcohol inks - must give them a try on black with the gold (or perhaps, silver or copper).

Sarosa said...

Glossies are so varied ... each one can have a different effect! The black I have works well, but the blue, as you see in the post above, lost color. When I tried copper glossy, the copper bled into the ink, but no white popped through as with the blue.

Amazing, lol!