Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lawyabella journal

It's becoming almost a joke in my family; I can't seem to stop making journals! I had posted a journal I had made toward the end of November, saying it was the last of the year. I was so relieved! But then I got a phone call from a lawyer, who had seem my journals at the City News where my cards/journals are sold, and wanted me to make a memory journal for another woman in the office who was moving to a new practice. Since I would not lose commission on this, I agreed, even though it was already December and they needed it by December 21st! My friend who owns the City News was agreeable to ferrying everything back and forth. (The store is 45 minutes away, but she attends the same church as I do). It was quite an adventure trying to find legal or lawyer stamps, and the woman I was dealing with gave me only her work number/e-mail for contact, and is a very busy lawyer. So communication was also an adventure. I finally found the right stamp at stamping bella. But until I had gone back and forth a couple of times for info from the owner, I did not realize the company was in Canada, meaning shipping on short notice was not going to be cheap! But the lawyers absolutely loved the stamp, so I placed the order. Meanwhile, I was sending design ideas down, cardstock for them to choose, etc. I received the stamp, found an agreeable layout (simpler than I would have liked for them, but so hard when working with long distance)... then the blizzard of the year caused church to be cancelled, so my friend could not bring up the chosen pages for me to bind! It was rather amazing, but it all worked out and the journal arrived on time! It was close, though - when I suddenly got a call from someone headed toward the town it needed to get to, I had not yet scanned it, as we had just replaced the horrible scanner my dh had bought only a few months ago with a new model, and I had not yet used it. So I never checked the scan, but just grabbed the journal and got it to my friend! So, excuse the poor quality.

The project did mean an early end to Christmas card making, though that really was fine, it just meant a few stamps I'd bought for the season did not get used, but that will help me exercise self-control next year, lol!

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