Monday, December 17, 2007

Life at the Kornhauses

I haven't had much stamping time lately, as we've been running a youth hostel.

Well, not quite! But we have had a household full of young people! Due to complicated arrangements, weather issues, etc, we had our four, ages 16 to 20, and three other college students for three nights. In addition to that, one of them volunteers at the local YFC, and brought one of his kids from that to our house, where he was there for the better part of the next few days. Sunday our church closed do to weather, and we had all of the above, plus three other young male college students for "house church" and then lunch. Today we're down to just two extra college kids, who leave tomorrow. It's been absolutely wonderful, but not conducive to stamping, lol!

Oh, we also had our annual tree trimming party. I make (with lots of help from Susannah now) a huge variety of party foods to eat, including lots of Christmas cookies and punch, etc, and we spend the evening doing the tree. I grew up with a gazillion ornaments on the tree, and my family is continuing the tradition. Some of the ornaments are absolutely stunning; many are really strange ... can you see the funky stork in the middle of the tree?

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