Thursday, December 6, 2007

Salt Challenge: Light

I love these challenges! I knew just the scripture I wanted to use, and was so glad I had a full sheet of stamps from Biblical Impressions that included it. It's one of the prophetic scriptures from Isaiah.

I used opalite inks, which are wonderful interference inks. I have the refill bottles as well, which are great for painting in designs on dark colors, or just to swirl in unique designs. They take a bit of time to dry, so I usually heat set. If used on glossy, opalite ink needs to be embossed with clear embossing. Even then, if it is put on too thick, it will be very easy to smear, so be careful how much you use.

The circle is actually raised, and more gold in color than the scan shows it to be.

I used this stamp, and two other stained glass style stamps I own to create a personal coloring book for a young friend. I embossed each image several times in gold, silver, and copper. I stamped them on index cards (really inexpensive cardstock!), created a simple cover, calling it "Gracie's book" or something like that so it was very personal for her, and used my bind it all to assemble it. Having the images embossed seems to me something children would really enjoy, and for those that have more trouble staying inside the lines when they color, this makes things easier and neater! (I still remember the humiliation of not being able to do that! That's probably why I hated art for decades, lol!)


Gillian :O) said...

Oh Sarosa, Amazing piece of ART!
and that verse is perfect for your image, Love it!

Scripture by Design said...

Wow! This is lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

jacki j. said...

This is beautiful, Sara!!! I received your card and you should be watching your mailbox!

morningDove said...

Is the circle a stamp? I love the piece and the scripture but don't understand how you did it. I am still working in fabric more than paper. ugh!

Sarosa said...

Thank you all so much for the compliments! It always feels uncomfotable to try something that is not (Sarah searches her brain for the right word, fails to find it) ... traditional.

Morningdove, the circle is a stamp. I don't know who manufactured it, because the company that purchased the design did not continue it (though I have another available to purchase, if that is an interest).

I LOVE your fabric work, why ruin a good thing, lol, keep doing what your doing, it's very creative!