Saturday, January 12, 2008

textured hearts

I bought the wave cardstock used in this card a couple of years ago, but haven't used it since last year. It's kind of funny that the only time I seem to be using this earth tone, "rugged" looking cardstock is for Valentine's Day! But, I like to have some cards for the guys as well! The twine was an afterthought; I like the simplicity of the hearts, but the card was a little too plain. I decided a bow was too girly, so I did the basic knot. But when I added one to the second heart, it looked funny. So, I made a bow, and put that on the other heart to see if I should do that instead. But, as you can see, when I saw the two together, the knotted piece suddenly became a bow tie, and I now instead of just hearts, I had sweethearts! :-)

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