Monday, January 14, 2008

Faux Batik hearts

I have two plastic drawers filled with backgrounds and other stamped images that I never used. The background of this card is one of those, from Valentine's Day last year. The hearts were clear embossed, then markered in. I put the panel between paper towels, and ironed off the embossing (faux batik). I embossed in white on vellum, scroll hearts that are a larger version of the ones in my previous Valentine post. I almost gave up on using it, I just could not get the look I wanted. I finally had a design I was satisfied with, glued down the panel onto the card, then realized I was using it in a landscape style, so the hearts were sideways! With the panel already glued to the card, I could not use a corner punch, which would have helped the design a bit. At least I realized the mistake before I glued the embossed hearts over it, lol!

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