Friday, January 11, 2008

First swap!

I've never swapped cards before, but Mary Bibow from Gingerwood offered to send me one of her noel cards, because I wanted to see it, and she does not have a way to put her cards onto the computer. So it seemed only fair to do a swap! I just recieved it this week, and was absolutely delighted! At first glance, they are very similar, but the overall "feel" of the cards is very different.

Mine has a bit more color (looks almost loud next to Mary's, lol!), and the embossing is a brighter, crisper gold (Ranger gold detail).

Mary used "quieter" colors, and then she added (I think) some foiling on the berries, and maybe some holographic embossing on the mistletoe berries. The parchment background with the raised embossing, the muted colors, and the darker gold give a beautiful antique look to the card. Very, very classy and elegant! Thanks, Mary!

I had made two other cards with this stamp, and while Christmas is over, I'm linking them here simply as an encouragement for all of you to look over stamps that you may have gotten bored with, and see if you can get some fresh vision for them!

This card was done with alcohol inks.

This card was was embossed with holographic embossing powder with blue ink, I believe. Picture did not scan well. :-(

If you are unfamiliar with Gingerwood, it is a message board for rubber stampers, full of helpful links, great advice, etc.

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