Thursday, January 31, 2008


I absolutely adore these little mailboxes! I heard about them on Gingerwood, and knew I had to make some for the gift shop. I did a search for other people's mailboxes, and was so impressed! I live in the middle of nowhere, so my mom got ten of them for me and brought them down when she visited us this weekend. Thanks, Mom!

I was grateful to find an amazing tutorial, otherwise, I could not have done it. I am not a crafter, and had no idea how to get around the little flag! I also did a couple of things differently; I found it easier to apply the tape to the mailbox, then slowly put on the paper. Also, undercutting for me just does not always turn out well. I ended up scanning the lid and reducing it, then printing it on cardstock for a template. I kept them all very simple; I did not want to make a huge project out of it.

Actually, the one with the buttons was not as quick; hunting through my large collection of buttons for the right sizes that were not to concave or thick, etc, was time consuming. I was really happy to come up with the idea of using my half-inch hole punch to decorate them.

The mailboxes come in pink, red, and white. These are the pinks.

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Sharon in NE said...

Thank you for sharing the tutorial!