Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Music Journal

I started this journal some months back. I had it in mind to do black music notes for the background, for a primarily black and white cover. I honestly don't know where my mind was when I went ahead and embossed them in gold!!! I think I must have had in mind another journal idea that involved gold embossing, and just forgot what I was doing. At any rate, it just was a bit too glitzy for me, so I set it aside until I came up with a design I liked. I also had not planned to add the extra music symbols, but I accidently put a very noticeable smudge on the "God gives us music" panel, and did not want to redo it! So, I did a cover-up!

The last journal I made got me really thinking for the first time about sealing some of my more delicate journals. But after one is complete is not the time to figure that out! I asked on Gingerwood, and one suggestion was a clear plastic cover. At the time, I was rather set on coating the journal; it seemed a shame to cover such nice texture! But with no experiencing with sealing, I can't bear to risk ruining it. So, a quick call to the church secretary got me a few transparencies to work with! (I live in a small town, not sure I'd find any locally). I decided this journal, though less "fragile" could use protection for the white, so I've covered it as well.

I hope next month to experiment with a few sealers, and I'll post here or on my website when I'm finished.

Background music notes from Stampin Up, "God gave music" from Eureka, large music note from Stubby Stamper, remaining stamps from Merry Stamper.

Have a blessed day!

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jacki j. said...

I love the music Journal. I'm curious to see the results of your experiment, because I haven't had much luck with the two I've tried. (Modpodge and Spray Workable Fixitif) they both remained sticky forever. I'm sure I was doing something wrong.