Monday, May 5, 2008

Editing is such fun!

I love being able to edit photos! I thought this picture would be great for those seeking God's direction in their lives, especially at graduation! But I did have one concern over the weather vane ... that coachman riding at the back of the coach was swigging a bottle of spirits! Not quite appropriate for a Christian card, lol! So, I erased his bottle!

Re yesterday's post: I think, if everything comes through that has been promised, I'll have most of what is needed stamp-wise for the trip. If you have an interest, please let me know, as there are just a few things left to be gotten, and of course, sometimes people mean well, but are not able to come through with what they planned to for a myriad of reasons... I'll post more in a few days...

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Sharon in NE said...

Great card. You are so clever.