Saturday, May 3, 2008

Love to multi-task!

I like to post cards thematically when appropriate. I forgot when I posted a photo card a few days ago that I hadn't done the SaltFaith challenge yet. I knew what scripture I wanted to use, just hadn't made the card. It's not important, but I want to finish doing photo cards before moving on. Fast forward to last night. Our church & especially our family make short mission trips to C uba whenever possible. We have made some incredibly deep bonds with the church family down there. My husband and another person will be going down in the next few weeks, and last night, my husband recieved an e-mail from our friends. Now, they just about never ask for anything; they understand our small church does not have a lot of funds, and really, only God's grace makes it possible to go down there. Several times that I have gone down I have brought rubber stamps and supplies, and they have absolutely loved them! The pastor's wife frequently did stamping projects with the women of the church. In the e-mail, I learned that the Bible school that they have (illegal to have an actual seminary, but there is permission to meet for training within certain interesting parameters), has been regularly borrowing the stamping supplies! They feel badly for the inconvenience to the pastor's wife we gave them to (the church is some distance away), and the pads are running dry. So, they asked if it might be possible to send them more! I was so excited, it means I really was hearing from the Lord to bring them down in the first place! There are so many actual needs - medicines, clothing, etc, that we are careful about non-essentials. Anyway, I wanted to present the need here on my blog (I also posted on Gingerwood), and as I thought about wanting to keep doing photo cards, and also do the Salt challenge on time, it occured to me that the scripture I had chose for Salt's contentment theme was a perfect prayer for our pastor friend in C uba. He has been ill for an extremely long time, and has really wasted away physically, and spiritually is struggling as well. Here is the scripture in English from Isaiah 58:

The LORD will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought,
And strengthen your bones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

So, this card is for our beloved brother in Christ there. The photo was actually taken on the island.

If you are interested in helping out with providing (new) ink pads and/or reinkers, acrylic mounts, or stamps that are either Spanish, or Christian images, please e-mail me (click on the link to my website, and my e-mail is posted there) and I will give you more info. You also can click on the information I posted at Gingerwood. We try to be careful about being overly public about our trips there, so I don't really want a search for this nation to bring up my blog, hence the awkward spelling. I hope you'll do the same if you post a response, thanks! Oh, I had someone ask about donating money. Biblical Impressions sells Christian Spanish stamps, and if you would like to contribute toward some of those, that would be lovely. (Or of course, purchase them directly and have them shipped here).

Note: If you have stamps that are wood mounted that you think would be a blessing, if you don't mind removing them from the wood, I will remount them with EZ mount. This saves on space, both in our suitcases, and for our friends.


esther said...

great way of using the photos thanks you for joining in with the challenge :)

Hazel said...

Lovely response to the challenge - like the verse you chose.

Sharon in NE said...

You are a blessing!