Friday, May 16, 2008

Love those oriental papers!

I probably put more effort into this card than it needed, the paper is so gorgeous it really doesn't need more added to it. But I love flourish stamps, and they seemed to go perfectly with the elegant paper!

My husband, oldest daughter (Abbie), and I are off to Virginia to collect our next oldest daughter from college. It will be a hard day for Karen, she is not returning, and she dearly loves the school and her friends there. But, they don't have the right major for her, and added to the debt she is accruing, it's just not logical to stay. She has had a mystery illness for over a year now, and we think we finally have someone local who is willing to really help us figure it out. But, we just don't know, so having her transfer to a local college will be a good idea.

Two weeks from now my husband leaves for Latin America, and three days after that, Abbie leaves for a ten week stay in Bosnia. As part of her Intercultural studies minor, she needs to do a one week homestay with a family there, and then she'll be working at a Christian camp in Bosnia that unites Muslims, Serbs, and Croats. God is doing exciting things there, in that country that has been through so much trauma...

So ... my posting may be a bit sporadic for the next two weeks as we get ready for the two trips, and still take time to enjoy having all four children together. Our son enters the Navy in January, we think, so our times of all being together are swiftly disappearing. But, I'm NOT going to think about that late at night...

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Diane said...

Sarah, your card is beautiful. I just saw some Oriental papers when I was shopping this week and ALMOST purchased them. Regrets!

Much to be praying about in your family. Know your mother's heart deeply ponders it all. Know that I'll be lifting you up in the weeks ahead as you travel and for all the adjustments everyone must make.