Monday, May 12, 2008


My wonderful friend Jacki sent me (among other things!) some prima flowers to play with. It's so funny ... when I first was introduced to eyelets, I thought they were gaudy and ugly. Now I can't imagine not having any! I though the same about flowers. Fake flowers on cards? You've got to be kidding! But I absolutely love using them, whether for just the right touch on a wedding card, or for a funky look on my "Becky cards," I really have fun with them!

Top card: glued ribbon accross the card, tied a second piece of ribbon to it. Text is embossed in fine detail gold, paper is white linen for that added touch of elegance.

Middle card: embossed with smARTworks "Faith's transcendence powder" (with dye ink, not pigment) on pink vellum. I love this embossing powder: it is so fine that I can add it onto printed items from my scanner, something that just does not work for me with standard clear embossing. For the ribbon, I tied it around the white oval which covers the edge of the pink vellum, and heated it until it curled up. This is a precarious process: it's easy to accidentally melt holes in the ribbon!

Bottom card: I wanted to make this a non-frilly/feminine card, because I know there are women who simply don't care for that look. I went a little too plain, though. I like the gloss of the buttons (I love using my half-inch hole punch to cover buttons with matching/coordinating papers), but overall, it's just a bit too dreary for a wedding! Still, I thought the concept was worth sharing!

And since I'm thinking wedding thoughts, I thought I'd post a link to my sister's family's video/photo scanning business, Vista Video. Among other things, they create heirloom montage weddings. The sample video on their website is my own mom and dad's wedding! Dad passed away a few years ago, so I've loved watching this!


Sharon in NE said...

These are so lovely. The top one is my favorite. The white and gold together is so elegant.

Lucy said...

They are so lovely. I love using fake flowers on my cards, too!