Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Joy to You!

I love how perfect the pink cardstock (Arcobelano intense pink light) blends with this photo!

I have updated my galleries on my website, wow, what a job! The backgrounds are varied; I haven't yet decided how I want them to look! I also now, because of scanner/camera issues, have some scanned cards, the others are photographed, and as a camera, at least like ours, "warps" the card, I can't cut out all the background. So I hope the lack of consistency is not jarring. :-( Feel free to e-mail opinions on any issues...


Sharon in NE said...

Nice job picking up the beautiful colors in the sky.

Lucy said...

What a gorgeous card!

Thanks for your lovely comment. You're quite right in what you said about contentment, and the partnership of godliness andcontentment being so important. It's the only kind that lasts. We need to look at bible passages/verses not just in isolation but together to get the true picture.
Nice to share thoughts with you! :)

jacki j. said...


viki in alabama (GW) said...

So beautiful and peaceful!
Makes me feel like I'm there.
viki in alabama