Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quickie mini journal

I was happily stamping away on a few weeks ago when I was reminded that we had a graduation party to go to. I had not exactly forgotten, just put it on the back burner. I had handmade graduation cards on hand, so that wasn't a problem, but a gift was. The girl is not going to college or leaving home, so I didn't want to just write a check. My dd mentioned that this girl liked horses, so I decided, two hours before it was time to leave, to re-create a journal! Obviously I quickly realized that it was a ridiculous idea, but for some reason thought I could manage to re-cover a small notebook I had. It was crazy! I'd work on it for a few minutes, stop, and say, "Wait, I don't have time for this!" But, I couldn't help it! I had to complete it!

Being in a hurry, I was not working efficiently. It was a spiral bound notebook, and after unwinding the spiral, I then covered it with cardstock, folding over the edges and gluing them down. This was not smart. If I had just glued the front, then flipped it over, I could have had the punched holes on the other side as a guide. Instead, I glued down the flaps, covering them up. Help!!! I burnished the edges, and that gave a vague outline. I took my punch and punced all the holes through (I had also glued down the back of the journal as well. Fortunately, I had used wallpaper which was a little easier for seeing the indentations!) I volunteered my younger daughter to help me out!

I didn't quite finish it in two hours, but we did make it to the graduation party in a reasonable amount of time!

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