Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An amazing lampshade!

Laurie Smalley, who makes beautiful lampshades, is someone I knew slightly from homeschooling years, but have gotten to know her a little better through the annual Christmas Craft Fair at Houghton College, where she sells her lampshades. Some of the shades are made with unique papers, and then others have wonderful designs carved into them, that look amazing when the light pours through them.

I have a really difficult time decorating; I don't have the money to fully do a room at any time, and when I do have some, I don't know where to start! But my son Stephen's room just sort of evolved into a vintage theme, focusing on boats, especially ships. Nothing intentional; we haven't bought any of them. One was a wedding gift, others were passed down to him when my father died and Mom moved in with my sister's family.

He's been in need of a beside lamp for awhile (miner's lamp clipped to the headboard just didn't cut it, lol!), and seeing Laurie's artwork gave me the idea to have her make one with a ship for Stephen's room. She was terrific! I couldn't really get up to Houghton to show her just what I wanted in terms of color and design, so she let me send pictures of his room. When I told her that I had not yet gotten the actual lamp, she found one for me! The shade blends perfectly with the room, I couldn't be more pleased.

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