Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day for stamping ... NOT!

Today was a "telephone" day. One call was one I had needed to make for months, to a young mother who was looking for advice. I was honored she had called me, but frankly, she didn't need me ... she's an amazing person, and I think she will, if she isn't already, be someone that is herself going to be called on for parenting advice. Anyway, I hadn't ever called her back to see how the particular situation with her daughter had turned out. It was a great phone call...

This afternoon the phone call I had been waiting for finally came ... my son Stephen called from boot camp! It took a moment for it to register that it was really him! It's rather ridiculous, but I think I was convinced that he would call while I was gone tomorrow at the Bible study I am leading, and not only would I miss the call, but Stephen would find no one at home. Actually, there's no guarantee of getting a call until after the final test of bootcamp, "Battle Stations." So, I was grateful! He's the Mail Petty Officer for bootcamp (every recruit gets assigned some type of responsibility), so we know he's getting his mail. :-) He's doing well; he knows this is where he needs to be, so he just does what he's told without stressing over it. I thought this picture was a fun one to post - Stephen doing what he loves to do, sleep, and is doing very little of at bootcamp!
I've wanted to stay close to home the last week or so in case he called, so since the call arrived, we celebrated by going out to dinner! Bruce works second shift, so we normally don't get to do that, but he's taking some classes in Olean for his job, so he's been home in the evenings for a week. Definitely not the day I planned for, but definitely, much better!

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Joyce across the Pond said...

I'm so happy for you - glad you've finally got that call...now he doesn't seem so far away?

It brings back memories to me of a first phone call to New Zealand when our son was tutoring in a school during his gap year and then getting called from Afghanistan....wonderful moments of joy.