Friday, February 1, 2008

Red mailboxes

Until this spring, I did not have a lot of print paper. Too expensive, and I really like focusing on stamping with my cards. But a local scrapbook store went out of business, and she had a great sale on paper. All but two of the ten boxes I made are from those papers!

Jackie mentioned making some mailboxes for her children, and that inspired me to try to find some more for my daughters who are at college, and perhaps even make them for their roommates. So much of my creating is for sale, it will be lovely to make something for love! :-)

Unfortunately, the nearest Targets are all about an hour and half to two hours away. Normally, I would forget it ... spending all that time and gas money for one dollar items!!! But, I can't let the idea go! I'm not really great about care packages, and this just seems so perfect. My husband says it's a great opportunity for a date with him! So, I used the store locater, and would you believe, out of 8 stores that I called, only one had enough? Most either only had one or two colors; two had none left! The store I am going to had 40 - obviously it must not be an area where a lot of crafting happens!

It will be interesting to see if next year they Target carries them again, and at what price!
By the way, if you have been trying to find these and been unsuccesful, California paper goods carries mailboxes. They are more expensive, $3.76, but appear to be a higher quality, and have a little handle to open it with, like a real mailbox.


krcrafts said...

Your mailboxes are wonderful! I especially like the black and red one---great job on them!! I know your daughters are going to LOVE them!

jacki j. said...

your boxes are inspiring. Forget packing boxes to mail. I'm going to decorate my mailboxes!

Donna said...

These boxes are waaaaay too cute!! I have a couple I have done but then I cannot figure out what to do with them, LOL!