Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coffee Mug Rack - a winner, wow!

I was so excited to discover I actually won this quarter's contest at smARTworks!

The layout idea came from my own kitchen. I love wood, and have wood wainscoating about halfway up the walls. On one wall I have an old cupboard I'd found in our barn and repainted. I had my husband put hooks on the bottom to hang mugs (we have a tiny kitchen with five doorways, so space is precious.

I wanted the mugs look ceramic, so I stamped them (adding the flowers in the darkest ink with a very light touch), then cut them out, and then embossed them twice with FTP. I do not own a stampamajig, so I had several unusable mugs ... time to consider getting one! The hooks were made by punching gold mica cardstock with a scroll punch, then carefully trimming out the "hooks". The board for the mugs and the wainscoating were made by covering cardboard with wallpaper (the background is wallpaper as well). I get mine from a local Sherwin Williams; they have lots of retired wallpaper books to get rid of every month or so.

The coffee beans were the hardest. I actually own coffee bean stamps, and it was so hard not to be able to use them, lol! So at first I was going to edge the text with ground coffee beans, but they did not want to stick, so I gave up. Then I thought of gluing actual coffee beans to the card, but that looked ridiculous! But as I looked at the coffee beans, I realized that with a little embossing powder I could get the color and shine just right, and an embossing tool would complete the job. Oh, happy day!


Sharon in NE said...

Sarah, congratulations! I am so proud of how you came up with your wonderful card. So many clever ideas. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I LOVE this card! It's so neat that your own kitchen inspired it! Thanks for sharing!
Melody (GW)