Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another boyhood card

I dreamed about stamping all night last night! I want to return the the borrowed Paperbag Studio stamps Saturday, and have not really gotten to use them as much as I had hoped, so my dreams were all about trying to use each one at least once before returning them (the next day, according to my dreams), but all these college students were sitting at my craft counter playing games! I tried to move to another large table, but they joined that one, eating pizza that I was sure would mean grease all over my cards. And so it went ... I was vastly relieved to wake up!!!

It turned out to be too busy for much stamping; this card was the only one I managed to do! Happily, tomorrow seems to be a fairly clear day!

1 comment:

Sharon in NE said...

Your dream made me laugh. I wonder what that means. I bet that one isn't in the Psych books.

Nice card. I love all the images.