Friday, July 18, 2008

Sympathy card

My son is working in maintenance at a local Christian camp/retreat center. Also working there are three of the children of our closest friends, who moved two hours north of us a year and a half ago to pastor a church. It's been so hard to have them gone; their children are like our own. Their oldest daughter, Lydia, is my daughter Karen's closest friend. She and her brother Jon (who stayed with us for three weeks for a summer session at college), and probably their sister, Maryrose, all consider our church, which they attended for most of their lives, to be "home," so they often come up for the weekend. We love it! Anyway, one of the girls has a camera that is compatible with mine, so I will get to take pictures of the cards I have been making and unsuccessfully trying to scan. I rarely make a card without either embossing or embellishing, and my scanner just does not do a good job with those, especially embellishments.

So ... this picture is an older one that I had not posted at the time I made it; I'm glad to have it to post now. I was really pleased at how it turned out: simple, but elegant, my favorite kind of card. The stamped image is lightly chalked.


jacki jones said...

This is elegant and beautiful!

Diane said...

This is beautiful. I love the light touch of color and the corner embellies are beautiful. Is that a punch or a stamp or something else. It's all gorgeous!

marciad said...

Beautiful. These are the hardest cards of all for me to do.

loni.sue said...

Sarah, the sympathy card is very elegant and classy. I love it. Also love the fish card on black. It too is elegant--in a different way.

I appreciated your comment on GW about the ebay card buyer and critiquer. It was thoughtful and openminded.

Oh yeah, you're on my Google Reader list, too!