Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surprise finding

Today was a "half card" day: I kept starting cards that I couldn't seem to finish. It didn't help that I got distracted by youtube: I found some old movie favorites (Random Harvest with Greer Garson, for one)to watch while I stamped.

But in the process of looking for something, I stumbled across this card from a folder used for workshops. I generally make cards for my workshops that can also be sold. So I bring them to the workshop packaged with their coordinating envelopes inside a clear plastic envelope for protection. This card did not have the envelope, which generally means it was too flawed for resale, or I simply didn't like it. Hmmm ... it doesn't look flawed, and I'm not in love with the layout, but it seems saleable. I'll have to look at it again in the morning; sometimes daylight reveals flaws or color problems not seen in the night. The layers were all glued with temporary bond glue; I do this whenever I am unsure I like a card. This keeps it together, yet allows me to alter or replace portions of the card. Then when I know what I am doing, I add permanent bond glue.

Anyway, this is a "spotlight" card: The image is embossed twice, once on the card or panel, and then on a matching - or contrasting - piece of cardstock. The embo Usually a single "spotlight" is done. The chosen area is punched or cut out, colored, and aligned with the matching full image. I love to do this with florals and with maps.

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sandyh50 said...

Wow, this is pretty! I left you a comment on your July 7th post, I just saw my name after returning from a reunion and vacationing. I can't find your email to contact you about the blog candy. Mine is sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com. Hope I'm still eligible!Thanks so much!