Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anniversary gifts

My husband and I love "adopting" teens and college students. It's been easiest, of course, with our daughter Abbie at nearby Houghton ... Sunday morning a bunch of students drive down for church, and about twice a month they eat at our house (the trip is 40-50 minutes, depending on the weather). However, we have managed one "adoptee" from Karen's former college, Patrick Henry. Ben Fan came to visit Houghton a year or so ago, and had surprised us by coming to church with Abbie. We came to our house afterwards, and fit in perfectly with our family. He didn't end up transferring after all, but thanks to xanga & facebook, the connection has remained. All of that to say that he was in the area for the weekend, and knowing that it was our anniversary, he connected with our kids and well, we had a couple of great surprises.

We started a tradition years ago of using sneaking clothes pins onto people's clothing. We primarily did this in church and at family get togethers. Friends at church, paricularly our friends the Herr's, also got into the act as did my side of the family. We also tried spreading it at college, so Ben had been "pinned" a few times. So, the engraved giant clothes pin will have a place of honor forever. (Becca, what do you think?!)

I had planned to post this yesterday, but I couldn't find the clothes pin. It was found in the cupboard, where my son had thought it ought to be put to use. :-)

My daughter, Susannah, loves creating videos (not an easy task with a dinosaur computer!), and Ben is a gifted composer. This is what they came up with:


ampug09 said...

Have I mentioned that I love your family?!
Well, I do!

Beijing2008 said...
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Trish D said...

What a great gift - and love that video.

Happy Anniversary!

ampug09 said...

I didn't see the video before! How great! It made me smile!

Shari Gilford said...

Hi Sarah,
Wow! This video brought back memories of college. I remember the photo shoots with Becky. Thanks for sharing such a sweet video. You have terrific kids (as you already know). Please send me an e-mail since I lost yours.