Friday, October 31, 2008

PA thank you

As usual, I was behind schedule. I knew I wanted to make cards that my pastor and his wife could send people, but I didn't think about the card FOR them to express our appreciation, until a day or two ago. Our church has a "Fall Fun Night" every October 31st, so I had a meal today, and was still putting together the box for the cards and deciding which cards to include in addition to the ones I'd made for them. So, this photo isn't even of the final product ... I realized after downloading the pictures that it needed some balance (I had to place the thank you where I did to cover up a portion of ruined card; because of waiting until last minute, I decided to remake a card, and this one had a ruined text portion, so I removed it, and it was not "kind" to the card. I was glad that I had a spare leaf to match that covered up what the thank you circle did not! Anyway, I added a button & ribbon to the top left corner, which gave it a much more finished look. Unfortunately, by that time, we had to leave, and the glue had not even dried yet, so there was no use taking a picture!


Sharon in NE said...

Oh my goodness Sarah, I love THIS CARD! This is beautiful! The colors, the design, everything! I believe its called "serendipity". Its one of my favorite designs and this one is especially pretty.

Monica-FC said...

I love this card and how you cut the strips there. what alot of work.