Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deer can be dear, but may cost us dearly...

My son hit his first deer the other day; it was opening day for bow season in NY, and the deer are really wacked out. Cost will be $2,000 for repair, ouch! But still, it's impressive that he went his first year and a half of driving without having any incidents at all!

I still love deer, even as much damage as they can cause on the roads! We have some decrepit apple trees that they love to visit, so we seem them quite often in our own yard. We never tire of it!
Edit: Thank you, Jacki, for requesting clarification, lol! Yes, Stephen is just fine, it was the jeep and not the son that will cost $2,000 to fix! He was driving a bunch of students back from a frisbee tournament, so we're grateful there were no injuries!

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jacki jones said...

So I assume that you mean it will cost 2,000 to fix the car not 2,000 to fix the son, right? :) Is he ok?