Wednesday, October 1, 2008

smARTworks Tea Party

I have rarely been able to do challenges of any sort in the last few months, but I got to do this one over at smARTworks.

I had this giraffe stamp for awhile, but hadn't wanted to take the time to figure out how to color. Paper piecing, which I somehow missed the existence of, solved that problem. It's not an especially patterned paper I chose, but it works great for color. I love the leaf stamp that comes with this set, and using it with my memories sage and pine tree greens make a great background. (Memories bleeds a little, so I rarely use it, unless I'm doing forest or foliage). Unfortunately, it was a bit to busy for the giraffe. I could have continued stamping the image in forest, but I really liked how it looked. So, I tried sliding the giraffe head a little above the print, as you see in the card, and that solved the problem. I embossed the mane in brown on the white cardstock, and added some color to the eyes to make the stand out. My daughter pointed out that giraffe's have really big eyelashes, so I penciled those in as well.

I didn't get to cardmaking until later this evening. I actually went shopping and TOOK MY OWN SWEET TIME! Everything in the past few months had been done as quickly as possible to get back home to work on projects, or house/family stuff. I can't believe how free I feel! Still very busy, but the pressure is gone. :-)


Susan T. said...

I think coloring "Bogie" via paper piecing was a super idea. Never once thought of it myself, bur now I may have to try it.

Thanks so much for playing.

Trish D said...

Love it! The earthy tones all coordinate beautifully, and I really like that paper you used on the right panel

And how wonderful that you got some non-rushing time to yourself. I like to tell people that my down time usually consists of browsing the produce section... but seriously, shopping by yourself can be sooooo rejuvenating!