Wednesday, October 29, 2008

smARTworks "Tea party" challenge

This challenge comes courtesy of smARTworks.

Time to post the next T-party Challenge. This one comes to us from Trish, and as far as challenges go, it falls into the category called "inspirational." ANYTHING taken from the piece is fair game for one's creative muse -- color, layout, subject matter, style, theme, etc.

I love challenges, but occasionally I don't manage to satisfy the challenge and make a card that I would actually want to send someone or sell ... this is definitely one of those cards!

One problem I had was I used the corner punch on the two texts, planning to find more green (the warmer tone on the bottom, matching the floor in the picture) to back them with, instead of putting it across the bottom. Unfortunately, that one scrap was all I had! I have a lot of shades of green, but none that came close to that one.

But, I had fun with the challenge, so I'm glad I did it anyway! To me, the main purpose of a challenge is to get myself thinking in fresh directions. So in that sense, they're always a success. :-) I didn't glue anything, so I will put some parts in my scrap drawers, and use most of the stamped images in another card. :-)

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Trish D said...

You know, I hadn't even noticed that green floor! :) I really like the litle framed floral piece - I'm picturing that as the focal point with "May God bless..." below and one of the other items inside the card. Just my 2 cents (not that you asked for it!)