Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas is coming!

My mom comes down each fall to make her "secret recipe" for fruitcake with my daughter Susannah, the only other person now who knows the recipe! For those of you who are thinking "Why would anyone want to make fruitcake?", my mother's recipe really is awesome. I think most fruitcake is really cardboard with gunky colored things in it, but my Mom's fruitcake is something to be fought over! Honest!

But it's going to be a busy couple of days for me too, as she has asked me to make 4o of these Noel cards for her. I was horrified to realize as I started on them the other day that I had no more of the cream colored cardstock I needed to make them. I had a package of 40 8.5 x 11 beige cardstock, but I did not realize it was from a paper auction, and was NOT what I needed. It's a very thin cardstock, and the embossed image shows through. I have enough of another cardstock, but it is much, much lighter than what my mom is expecting. It's not white, but barely has color. Unfortunately, neither of the two places I order from have the right shade. The one I had has been discontinued! It's amazing that in the hundreds of options these two companies have, neither have the cream that I need! So, her cards are a mix of the few pieces I had left, some of the thin stuff that is the right shade, and some of the light stuff that is the right texture!

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