Thursday, October 30, 2008

hymn in vellum

"Like a River Glorious" is my pastor's wife's favorite hymn. (In making them a set of cards for Pastor Appreciation, I wanted to make some cards that reflected their preferences, even though they'd be giving them away). I printed the hymn out several times in different sizes on parchment paper, but just could not come up with something I liked.

A few days earlier I had taken apart a card I had made for a SALT challenge, because of an error in the text. I had really liked the card, and had several other similar backgrounds. I was going to see if I could remake the SALT card, and perhaps make a few other cards with the same method. I had left it in a pile on the counter, and as my glance fell on it, I realized it would work perfectly with a hymn!

The vellum, by the way, 17# UV/ULTRA II Thin (tissue-like), radiant white, is from Marco Paper, and is wonderful for images that you want to see clearly through, and also be able to print on. Ink will not dry well on some vellums, but this one works very well.

Text is computer generated.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love this card! It is absolutely stunning. I'm sure the pastor is going to love a set of these beauties.
Sharon K

Sharon in NE said...

Great idea! Beautiful too!