Friday, February 27, 2009

"accidental" tulip card

I am so happy with this card! I had painted the image some time ago, but, as you see, I messed up a little with the paint (twinkling H20's, which sadly, may no longer be getting manufactured). I didn't throw it out, nor did I put it away. It got mixed up with other things, and when I rediscovered it yesterday, it had a number of splatters of something on it. But I noticed almost all of it was on one side, and figured the ones on the other side could be covered by an embellishment. So, I cut off the worst half of the panel. As I played with backgrounds, the one purple that really looked "right" was one which I am nearly out of. Hmmmm...hate to waste the cardstock on a card I might not be able to use. One of the two remaining pieces had an oval cut out of it, but I had saved it to be used for a layered card in which only the edges would show. Problem: with the vellum I had chosen, the cut out oval would show through. But, as you see on the card, the oval was just the right size, cut out at just the perfect spot to be the center of that layer on the card! It was so amazing, like it was meant for this! Finally, the blotches that were visible were easily covered by ribbon.

I love the obvious parallels here. Simply put, even with our flaws, God still uses us! In fact, sometimes what we would cast away as useless in our lives, He makes something far better with than we would have.


Louise (KardKrazy) said...

This is a gorgeous card -- no imperfections that I can see!

Jackie T said...

I love this card. Sometimes our "accidents" ARE winners.