Tuesday, February 17, 2009

thrift store find

I my husband repainted our daughters' bedroom for me (son started the job, but got overwhelmed. Lesson learned: work with a first time painter, instead of "abandoning him" to it!). We don't really have a budget for decorating, so I went to a place in town that sells used stuff (not really a thrift store, but there's got to be a nicer way to say "junk store"!) I'm doing sort of a Latino theme: bold, bright colors, and since I normally do jewel tones or earth tones, I have almost nothing. I made some "wall art" with my cuddlebug (I'll post that here eventually), but I need more.

Anyway, I didn't find anything for their room, but I did find this cute little thing. It looks to me like it was someone's portable sewing cupboard (note the handles at the top). It's about 2.5' high, maybe three feet when opened all the way. The stuff sticking out of the pockets was there when I found it. It wasn't marked, and so I brought it up to the front of the store. "Oh, eight bucks will be fine," I was told. I stood staring at it, trying to figure out if I'd actually use it ... my craft room is fairly packed, and I don't sew, so I wasn't sure what I'd do with the spool holders. My hesitation was taken as wanting to dicker, so after watching me a moment she offered to sell it for five dollars. Okay, sold! I figure if I can't make it work for my craft room, maybe my daughter who sews will want it, or I'll resell it at a garage sale this summer. :-)

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