Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Be Still...

Some scriptures are quoted so often, we forget just how profound they are, or fail to really attend to what they tell us to do. But when I sold cards in a gift shop, just about any card, regardless of style, sold if it had this scripture in it. It seems that we are very grateful for that reminder that God is in control, and we can rest in that!

Once again, this is a card made from a group of panels I made a few months ago. The scripture text was also from my stash of unused stamped images. It's been an incredibly busy week or two, so having a card come together easily is a blessing!

The green and blue are mica cardstock. Neither they nor the opalite inks show up very well in the scans. The mica cardstock has a bit of "glitz" to it, and the opalite inks are much more colorful than you see here.

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