Wednesday, February 11, 2009

...Something blue

Every two weeks, smARTworks puts up a challenge on their website. This time it was a monochromatic challenge. I thought about several colors, but blue won out. I purchased a set of leaves well over a year ago (yes, you’re looking at an actual leaf, or I should say, a layer of a leaf), but I kept waiting for just the right card for one. I think I might of ended up waiting ten years to use any; it’s hard for me to use something I don’t plan to replace. In fact … I had all but forgotten I had them.

I used Cobalt Embossing Antiquities powder, from a line of embossing powders that have been discontinued for quite some time. I think the Tim Holtz powders are very similar.

I used a microsparkle blue for the upper part of the card, and although you cannot really see it in the photo, it really displays the veins of the leaf nicely. The Ruche crepe paper seems to mimic a leaf texture.

I haven’t actually attached the leaf yet … I planned to use a spray adhesive on the back of it, but decided I needed to find out if that is definitely the right thing to use for the leaf. I’ll post back here later when I’ve figured it out.

Edit: I asked my friends at Gingerwood, and they recommended just gluing the spine of the leaf down, so that's what I did. :-)


Trish D said...

What a striking card! I love the way you've layered the leaf over the edge of the white/blue, and the way you've used the two sizes of brads is great, too. (Spray glue seems like it would work well on the skeleton leaf - the few times that I've used them I've very carefully applied matte accents with a toothpick along the edges and veins - but I don't know how well that would hold up with the layout here)

Sarosa said...

Thanks, Trish!

Do you have a pic of the leaf you are talking about? I'm not sure what you mean about the accents, I'd love to see it!

Susan T. said...

Lovely! I REALLY like the leaf theme in blue.

I also have some of those colored skelton leaves hoarded away for the the same reason - a one time excellent buy...

What I have found to be the best adhesive for something like this is ArtQuest's Perfect Paper Adhesive (matte) -- Using a flat paintbrush I dab/spread a thin film over the back of the leaf (heavy coverage not necessary), lay the leaf in place, cover with wax paper, weight it with an old dictionary, and allow it to dry several hours.

PPA is a GREAT product! It's not tacky, so it almost doesn't appear to be sticking, but as it dries the bond is extremely secure with no sticky feel anywhere on the leaf.

This method is great because the whole leaf adheres, so no tendency for edges to lift and/or catch on something and tear.

Michelle Adams said...

This is lovely! Love the blue, too!

Donelda said...

I love this!! YOu are rith that crepe paper does mimic the leaf wonderfully - what a great effect!! I too have a package of these leaves ... somewhere...were yours blue to start with?? mine are a cream color! I am so glad you played :D

Sarosa said...

Donelda, thanks! Mine were blue to start with ... I think it would be scary to color such delicate things myself!!