Friday, February 6, 2009

another simple thank you card.

The birthday card I posted the other day (originally designed as a thank you card) was from a set of three simple cards I was making, along with two other sets of three.

The cards were for my daughter's Chemistry professor, who has been absolutely wonderful for Susie. Susie is a high school senior, but she is a unique learner, and I homeschooled her very differently from her siblings. College did not seem to be part of the picture. So, the chemistry she took as a high school student was very basic; she did experiments, and some testing, but she did not complete the text. But she was very deteremined to take this course, even though there was an easier Chemistry class at another local college. (Houghton grading is tough: it takes a 94 average for an a "A", a minumum of 85% for a "B.") Her professor gave hours of her time helping Susannah outside of her class, well beyond what one would expect from a busy professor.

The college has a craft fair at Christmas, and this professor purchased a set of thank you cards from me. (All my card sets are really simple, unlayered cards, six in a package) She told Susie this semester (Susie is taking a second semester of Chemistry) that she wanted to purchase some more thank you cards from me, and so I happily decided to make some for her as a gift. Not knowing her tastes, I made three sets of three.

To my great disappointment, she insisted on paying ... it's considered unethical to receive gifts from students (possibility of being considered a bribe for good grades, etc). !!!! I truly understood that, but oh, what a disappointment! I'll have to think of some way around this ethically ...

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