Monday, April 21, 2008

Fatal Flaw(s)!

This week's Salt challenge: "His Presence" was a difficult challenge for me because I knew right away I wanted to use Psalm 139 ("Where can I go from your presence...."). I plan to design stamps from this psalm, so it's hard to find myself using a computer generated text for something I want to have my own stamps for! Note I said "stamps," not stamp ... the Psalm is too long for a single stamp!

I decided to focus on those verses in the Psalm that deal with the Lord's presence in our lives. It still was rather too long, but I just managed to make it fit onto an A2 card. As I was continuing to design it (the pink vellum in the middle seemed like a neat concept, but as you can see, it made the text just a bit too blurry), I realized I had not proof-read as thoroughly as I had thought, can you find the error? At this point, I'm not going to have time (or the heart, lol!) to redo the challenge, so I'll leave it as it is. :-)

I encourage each of you to read the full Psalm, it is a beautiful statement of the amazing love of God for us. Sometimes I find it's easier to accept God's amazing love and grace for someone else, than for myself. Knowing I'm probably not unusual in that way, I like to send a personalized version of this Psalm out to others so that they can see that God has these same thoughts toward them, and not just David. ("Oh Lord, you have searched Carol and you know Carol. You know when she sits and when she rises....").


Trish D said...

Beautiful card!! I do like the idea of the vellum - perhaps you could print the entire passage on vellum and layer the color behind the words? (I love this Psalm!!)

Sharon in NE said...

whew...I read the card before your post and was afraid you weren't aware of the typo. ;) Oh well, we'll just pretend we're British and not emphasize the "h". The card is so beautiful. Oh my...I could get lost in it and the wonderful knowledge that He has got me no matter where I am.

Lucy said...

This is absolutely lovely.

And being British, I must add that most of us do sound our 'h'!! ;)

Anyway, I think it's gorgeous.

Karen said...

Hi Mom!

Hazel said...

This is a lovely contribution for this challenge. The Psalm is one that I love (and nearly used for my 'His presence' and then changed my mind) - love the use of the vellum - just right.

Sarosa said...

Thanks everyone! Trish, that's a perfect idea! That should still give the look I want!

About the H's - I think Sharon's thinking of cockney British, right? Makes me remember "My Fair Lady" ... "Just you wait, 'Enry 'Iggins, just you wait..."

Hazel - I was actually surprised no one else had used it! But I think what you did with your scrapbook page was absolutely perfect! What a great living analogy!

Karen, so nice to have my own daughter comment! And with such depth! ;-) Love you!

Hazel said...

So good to see this again, Sarosa.

manuela said...

ein wunderschönes layout zu einem wunderbaren psalm! kompliment!