Friday, January 9, 2009

Dini's Birthday challenge #2

This challenge, obsessed with impressions was another fun one ... I stepped outside my "A2 Box" and made a 5"x7" card ... the peacock feather seemed just a little large to repeat on a smaller card!

I finished the card for Dini's challenge on time, but ugh, we're still dealing with the trojan horse. Our virus protection program caught it again, and instructed me to close down the computer ... just as I was about to post! I could have finished earlier, but my children challenged me to a game of super scrabble, a new game we just learned, and I can't resist it! Actually, I only have a couple of days before they leave for college, so I don't want to miss opportunities to do things with them!

It's challenging photographing cards that are embossed with metallic powders and colored with opalite inks, as this card is. I had made a peacock feather cover for a journal, and was very disappointed: the opalite/brilliance inks had dulled and flattened the silver embossing. It still looked nice in the right light, but if the light was not shining just right, it looked merely a dusty grey. I had dabbed the ink on for those. For this project, I made the black sample below just for experiment's sake before making the card, so that I could see if painting on the colors would work better. It meant I could not use the brilliance copper, as I had no reinker for it. I used Opalite crystal blush instead. The colors were just a slight bit muted because of painting, but the silver kept its depth and sheen. The picture doesn't quite show the difference as much as there really is, but hopefully, you can get the idea. (The second feather was done on blue cardstock, when I made the journal, so that's part of the reason the feather looks like it has more color.)

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