Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dini's Birthday Challenge #3

I actually managed to finish this at a decent time! That's good - the kids want to do a bonfire ... how's that for crazy? It's snowing hard and only 20 degrees. I'll stay in with a good book, lol!

Anyway, Dini's third challenge is Splashes of Color, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do. When I first saw these images at smARTworks, I did not like them. At the time, I had been trying unsuccessfully to find ballet dancer stamps that were actually correct ... most stamp designers whose images I've looked at don't bother to actually study real ballet shoes and real ballet positions, so the images are wrong. Anyway, perhaps that was in part why I did not care for them. But somewhere along the line I decided I really, really enjoyed them. Hmmm... déjà vu ... I think I all that the last time I made something with these stamps! Anyway, along with the text, they seemed the perfect images for this challenge!

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Beijing2008 said...

It's snowing hard and 20 degrees - that's WHY we need a bonfire!!!