Wednesday, January 21, 2009

simple redo

This card was one of my first cards when I began cardmaking three or four years ago. Embarrassingly simple, but as I've shared before, I hated art almost my entire life, so I had not even the slightest skill or knowledge to pull from. I don't think the blog concept was around yet, and I did not have money for magazines. I did have a couple of friends with photo albums, Dini and Jacki, and since they were way beyond what I was capable of, it was almost discouraging to look at their cards!

I have what I call a "reject" box of cards like this that need to be altered or tossed, and once in a great while I manage to persuade myself to pull one out and make something better. The other day I wanted to make a card in just ten minutes before playing speed scrabble with my son, Tuesday was not going to allow any cardmaking time, so I decided I had the perfect incentive to remake an old card. Happily, I succeeded (I'm a REALLY slow card maker!) It's not much nicer; I thought the colors would look well for a "guy" card, so I didn't want to do much to it. I'm satisfied with how it turned out.

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Kathleen (KJF) said...

Love the re-do. Gives me inspiration to re-do some of some of those I didn't send because I have a few of these kinds of cards, and they need just "something" to make them work.