Friday, January 30, 2009

Salt challenge: Mercy

My favorite part of stamping is probably the cardstock & papers! The richness of colors, the variety of prints, etc, absolutely amazes me. I don't want to refer to the print on this as being "background paper," because as you see, it's the print I wanted to feature. The colors are wonderfull, and the black is actually a velour or some similar type material, it's really wonderful! I thought about ribbon, I thought about other embellishments, I thought about layering the text, but I was loath to cover any of this beautiful paper. So while the text is the focal point - I love this scripture! - I made it narrow, and refrained from adding anything else. :-)

I'd love to see more participation on the Salt challenge blog; the women there really take a devotional approach to their challenges, and it's great to have scripture and other aspects of Christian living to focus on while card making! Come visit!


Hazel said...

Super artwork and love your choice of verse, Sarah - thanks for once again joining in our challenge on Salt. x

mamaluke said...

Just lovely, I think having the text smaller actually makes your eyes home in on it a bit more. Thank you for taking part!