Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dini's "birthday party"

My friend Dini is hosting an awesome birthday bash! Thanks to my dh almost taking care of the virus (still not completely taken care of - I'm having problems with this post as I type, for that matter), I can participate in day one. Here is the contest:

Challenge: create a card from the supplies you have left out on your desk right now. If your desk is immaculate…go make a card, make a mess, and create your entry from scraps and bits of what you have left after your first card is done. If you need to grab a stamp or two out - that's ok.

I had so much fun with this! I needed to send a thank you card to a very close friend who moved away several years ago, who happened to call me this morning.

I had recently cleaned off my counter, but then I had cleaned off a shelf below,and picked up little bits of things that had fallen to the floor, and that was enough to create this card completely and totally from those things! I had just one printed background (it's wallpaper), one A2card (you can't tell from the photo, but it coordinates perfectly), and the "gracias" and friends quote were already stamped. It was so amazing to have almost nothing the counter, and yet it all coordinate so perfectly!!! Even the scraps of green and purple mulberry just happened to be there - and no other colored scraps of it! The green friends brad was the only brad well, and the dark green cardstock was one of only two large scraps! I only had purple cuttlebugged pieces! So perfect! My friend speaks some Spanish as do I, and we went on mission trip together, so that made sense for the thank you. The friends quote was perfect because we loved to go out to coffee together! Oh, and the only stamp was the music note ... and the elements all came together for the perfect card for a friend of mine. The snowflake may seem a bit odd, but my friend will understand! :-)

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