Wednesday, January 28, 2009

smARTworks challenge

The challenge over at smARTworks was from Giovana, for a card with real or faux stitching or ribbon. I chose faux ribbon: I meant to learn how to sew over winter break while my dd who sews taught me, but it didn't exactly happen. She started a piece of fabric for me, and I dutifully put in a couple of inches of stitching. The fabric scrap is still sitting there. :-)

I'd really been having a hard time getting card making done in the last couple of weeks, and yesterday was almost a total loss, until I posted on Gingerwood that I had "stamper's block." Their suggestions were great, and were enough to get me started last night. I hope I will remain in creative mode!

I had a couple of ribbon stamps from smARTworks, and embossed them last night with cranberry embossing powder. I tried using flocking, but that just made a mess; the stamp is too detailed, and my sticky embossing powder is dying. The shadow flower is actually green; it's hard to get light colors to show up on my camera the way they really appear. (Also, the flower is actually the same burgundy color as the stamped ribbon).

I finished the card this morning, barely on time to get ready for a family friend to come to over to work on her wedding invitations. Lots of fun, but quite a long time. :-) I was glad that she's close enough to our family not to mind all the clutter that we had to work in, lol!


marciad said...

Beautiful card. Thanks for posting.

Susan T. said...

So glad you played along!

On first look, you fooled me... I thought the ribbon was real!

Whenever I'm in a stamping funk I do one of three things:

1. Just choose some images and start stamping them in black ink on white paper... Pretty soon the old creative geara start turning, and I HAVE to add some color...

2. Limit my supplies - I choose a couple stamps with a 2-3 ink colors, and match to papers, ribbons, brads, etc. then start playing. For me, working with less, makes me more creative.

3. Choose an old design I really liked doing, and try to repeat it in a different color with different images. Soon I'm "tweaking" here and there, and a new creation just seems to emerge.

Giovana said...

Your card is really pretty!!! I really thought the ribbon was real.

Thanks so much for playing.
God bless

Beijing2008 said...

The card is "balanced." I love how there's the flower in the corner, but the lopsided angle of the "Wishing you a special day" card on the other - not to mention red vs. white, red vs. green, and a stucco background.

Sarosa said...

Thank you for the compliments! Ben, glad you appreciated the text angle - I made that decision just as I was about to glue it straight on! :-) Susan, I'm keeping your suggestions, thanks!