Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SALT challenge

I love the biweekly Salt Faith Challenge; it's great getting to focus on scripture and aspects of the Christian life. This time the focus is on self-discipline. Definitely this is a major struggle area of my life. I'm going to keep this one, and place it where I'll see it each day. (And besides, wouldn't it be really tacky to actually send this to someone??? "Dear _____, I thought of you when I made this card." Great relationship building, lol!)

By the way, they've put out the call for new designers at Salt, so if that interests you, be sure to visit the site!

Card details: the flowers were stamped with opalite inks; if you haven't noticed already, I love working with these! It's hard to get a good scan or photo with them, but they really look great. They are iridescent; the background of this card illustrates that well ... you can only see the ink on the tan when the card is tilted just right, and not very well.

Text is computer generated.


mamaluke said...

I love your take on the challenge, beautiful rich colours. Do join us again!

Hazel said...

Lovely to see another of your creations for Salt, Sarah - thanks for joining in with such a beautiful contribution and a good choice of verse. x

Rosella said...

Love your reminder to yourself. I must say that it would be a great card to receive. I guess it could be a bit challenging to send it to someone, but I know I need it!!
Thank you for sharing it!