Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dini's birthday challenge #4

This time, Dini's challenge was "encourage one another's hearts and souls." There was added incentive to make it purple. :-)

I hadn't plan on doing the challenge: I really need my Sundays! I learned at college that God really did give us the Sabbath for our benefit, not just to give us another rule! So I keep Sundays "stamp free" and I think the weekly break is really good! However, late last night I suddenly really wanted to make another card, and managed to get to the "nearly done" stage; I'll make a final decision for embellishing tomorrow morning.

I used alcohol inks for the background, and got a really nice purple shade. The photo looks more blue than purple, but my scanner can't handle embellishments, so I removed them to take a scan so that the true color could be seen. I hadn't permanently attached the flowers or the bows because I'm not sure whether I liked the flower centers, and I really want to find a better purple for the bows (which I will actually tie onto the silver cord, and make slightly smaller than the ones shown).

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Hazel said...

Lovely crafting, Sarah - I just love alcohol inks. I'm wondering if you've seen the new Salt challenge, which includes a DT call (I know that you said you might be interested) x