Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arte y Pico award!

Wow, I have been given this award from a lovely encourager, Diane of Diane's Designs, who absolutely made my day in doing so! I consider myself if not quite a beginner, certainly not far along in the "intermediate" stage of stamping. So, this means a great deal to me!

I'm supposed to pass it on to five others who inspire, and as Diane said in her post, limiting to five is not easy.

The five I am choosing are not all blogging yet, but their art really inspires me. In having my husband translate what seems to be the blog of origin of the design, I don't think the award needs to be for bloggers only. :-)

So, for non-blog artist, I would like to give this award to Becky. I am currently using her artwork on some cards, which I hope to post tomorrow. She has an amazing sense of humor, and I am hoping, as I create cards with her art, to learn to (in my own style), make humorous art like hers. I discovered her at this spot first, and she has also begun a website. I'm trying to encourage her to begin blogging... she has been so warm and friendly with me, I know she would be a great encouragement to others...

Jay at Indigo Inklings who awarded me the excellent award some months back, is someone who is very gracious in taking the time to give as much information as she can when answering technique questions or describing how a stamping tool is used, etc. I routinely go to her site to learn. And she's a wonderful artist as well!

Jacki at Card Castle is my "private tutor" for coloring! It's an area that is still a mystery to me, but gradually I am learning! When I first started stamping, I assumed people with Jacki's talent had to be too "lofty" to condescend to communicate with a beginner like me! But she has been soooooo helpful and encouraging to me. She makes me feel like I really can "do it!"

Trish at Tah Dah! is so much fun! She does the best challenges for smARTworks! She's quick to try new things, and share how they are done. She also is quick to encourage others, and I really appreciate her!

My last pick goes to a blogging group, the gals at Salt, who faithfully issue a challenge every two weeks that focuses on a different facet of God & the Christian faith. The about us column reads: "We are a diverse group of card makers, scrappers and altered art fans from across the world who have been brought together through our love of Jesus Christ and our desire to express our faith in creative ways.Once every two weeks we will produce work based on a challenge which we hope will inspire you to produce work of your own - and we would love to see it.So that we can all know Jesus more clearly; love him more dearly; and follow him more nearly, each and every day." They have really stretched me, and I hope they keep it up for a very long time...

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Hazel said...

Wow! Sarah - how kind of you to award this to us girls at Salt. We enjoy being able to combine our faith with our love of crafting and just wish to give God the glory for the inspiration He gives us and we are glad that we can share this with others like yourself and equally appreciate you and others contributing your artwork too.