Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Salt Challenge

I nearly forgot to do this week's challenge, and I had been so glad when it was announced because I had both the scripture and a "Believe" stamp.

I had in mind an old-world, elegant design, something appropriate for upcoming graduations, etc. But that was before I realized the believe stamp was definitely neither old world nor elegant! I suppose I could have used computer text, but with time running out, I just went for a different look. Well, it's different all right, lol! The fringe might seem over the top, but I really wanted to communicate to the receiver a sense of "lightness" about the idea of God's plan ... it's so easy to be overly intense about this subject.

Scripture is from Biblical Impressions, text is from SU.


Scripture by Design said...

Great! Glad you could join in :)

Hazel said...

This is gorgeous - thanks for joining in with us again

Sharon in NE said...

That's exactly what we need...a lightness knowing He's in control. He knows the plan. Just relax.

Nice job.

Musing of a Patched Heart said...

Love the colors! I like how you incorporated the scripture as well!nice job! Heather